Defining a New Pattern Swatch in Adobe Illustrator

Instruction Manual


To define a pat­tern swatch in Adobe Il­lus­trat­or:

  1. Open the Illustrator file containing the desired pattern tile.
  2. From the Layers panel select the whole layer group of the desired pattern tile by clicking on the circle in the right end of the layer description (Figure 1.1).
  3. Go to OBJECT > PATTERN > MAKE. (Figure 1.2)
  4. A Pattern Options dialog box appears (Figure 2.1) and you can see a preview of your pattern tiling with the pattern tile marked (Figure 2.2).
  5. Click on the Pattern Tile Tool (Figure 2.3) to adjust the spacing around your pattern tile by moving its boundary (Figure 2.4).
  6. Adjust the width and height of you pattern tile (if needed) by assigning values in their fields. Checking the Size tile to art box will leave no spacing around the pattern tile.
  7. When you are ready with the settings in the dialog box, click DONE. (Figure 2.5)

Your new pat­tern swatch is now stored in the Il­lus­trat­or Swatches pan­el (WIN­DOW > SWATCHES) and ready to use.

Pattern menu
Figure 1
Defining the pattern
Figure 2
Please note that the Illustrator files in our collections are compatible with the CC and CS6 versions of Adobe Illustrator and will not work with previous ones.
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