Export Options in Adobe Illustrator

Instruction Manual

If you want to use the vec­tor works out­side Il­lus­trat­or, you can choose from a vari­ety of file formats in the SAVE AS and EX­PORT op­tions.

First you need to pre­pare your art­board, to en­sure that you only ex­port the art­work it­self, or the part of it that fits your needs (like the cropped, tile­able ver­sion of your pat­tern tile or bor­der, and not its en­tire geo­metry).


  1. To export the whole artwork, go to OBJECT > ARTBOARDS > FIT TO ARTWORK BOUNDS. (Figure 1.1)
  2. To export a selected part of your artwork or a cropped region of it, select the object that determines the artwork's boundary (like the 'bounding box' rectangle for patterns or the 'clip' rectangle for borders). Go to OBJECT > ARTBOARDS > FIT TO SELECTED ART. (Figure 1.2)

Your art­board is now set (Fig­ure 1.3) and you can pro­ceed with sav­ing or ex­port­ing.

Fit Artboard to Artwork
Figure 1


The 'Save as' and 'Ex­port' com­mands in Adobe Il­lus­trat­or have identic­al dia­log boxes and dif­fer in terms of the out­put file formats they provide (vec­tor or ras­ter ones). Choose a com­mand ac­cord­ing to your needs.

  1. Go to FILE > SAVE AS (or FILE > EXPORT > EXPORT AS). A pop-up dialog box appears. (Figure 2)
  2. In the dialog box, browse the exported file destination and specify a filename.
  3. Choose a file format.
  4. Mark the Use Artboards option as checked.
  5. Choose the All option to export all artboards as separate files.
  6. Choose the Range option to export selected artboards. Enter a number (i.e. "2") to export a given artboard (artboard 2); enter a range (i.e. "1-3") to export a range of artboards (1, 2 and 3). Enter the artboard numbers separated by commas (i.e. "2, 4") to export specific artboards.
  7. Click Save (or Export).
  8. In the pop-up dialog box that appears, set the options for the chosen file format and click OK.

Note: Art­board num­ber­ing gets vis­ible over each art­board when the Art­board tool is act­ive in Adobe Il­lus­trat­or.

Export Dialog Box
Figure 2
Please note that the Illustrator files in our collections are compatible with the CC and CS6 versions of Adobe Illustrator and will not work with previous ones.
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