Modifying the Graphic Borders: Pattern Brush Options

Instruction Manual


The Pat­tern Brush Op­tions win­dow is ac­cessed by double-click­ing on a brush in the Brushes pan­el (WIN­DOW > BRUSHES). Any modi­fic­a­tions done in it are ap­plied on the brush defin­i­tion and all its oc­curences through­out the file. All changes are vis­ible in real time.

  1. In the Brushes panel, double click on the brush to be modified (Figure 1.1).The Pattern Brush Options window opens.
  2. Adjust the pattern brush scale. (Figure 1.2)
  3. Set the spacing between the tiles. (Figure 1.3)
  4. Select variants for side tile and corners. You can choose between auto generated corner elements (supported in Adobe Illustrator CC only). (Figure 1.4)
  5. You can flip the tile in two directions. (Figure 1.5)
  6. Select a fitting option to specify the tile distribution along the path. (Figure 1.6)
  7. Select a colorizing method: "None" leaves the original tile colors; "Tints", "Tints and Shades", and "Hue Shift" provide different methods to colorize the original tile.
  8. Click "OK" to apply the changes.


1) If your bor­der brush does not work on curves, try oth­er corner op­tions for the in­side and out­side corner ele­ments.

2) For mono­chrome brushes set the col­or­iz­ing meth­od to "Hue shift". This way you can eas­ily set the brush col­or by edit­ing the stroke col­or.

3) Auto gen­er­ated corner ele­ments are sup­por­ted in Adobe Il­lus­trat­or CC only and are not avail­able in the CS6 ver­sions of our files.

Global Brush Editing
Fig­ure 1


  1. With Se­lec­tion tool or Dir­ect se­lec­tion tool act­ive (Fig­ure 2.1), click on the ob­ject to which the brush is ap­plied in or­der to se­lect it (Fig­ure 2.2). (You can also se­lect its lay­er in the Lay­ers pan­el.)
  2. From the Brushes pan­el menu (Fig­ure 2.3), go to "Op­tions of se­lec­ted ob­ject...". (Fig­ure 2.4)
  3. From the Stroke Op­tions win­dow that ap­pears (Fig­ure 3), set the scale, spa­cing, flip, fit and col­or­iz­a­tion. Mark the Pre­view op­tion to see the changes. Click "OK" when done.

The bor­der ap­plied as a brush is now ed­ited only for the ob­ject alone, without chan­ging it in the Brushes pan­el or any oth­er in­stances through­out the file.

Note: You can eas­ily change the scale of an ap­plied brush by edit­ing the ob­ject's stroke weight from the Stroke pan­el (WIN­DOW > STROKE). Re­du­cing the stroke weight also fixes the ap­pear­ance of the ap­plied brush if a seg­ment looks dis­tor­ted.

Selected Object Editing
Figure 2
Stroke Options Window
Figure 3
Please note that the Illustrator files in our collections are compatible with the CC and CS6 versions of Adobe Illustrator and will not work with previous ones.
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