Applying the Graphic Borders in Adobe Illustrator

Instruction Manual


The graph­ic bor­ders in our col­lec­tions are also avail­able as ready-to-use pat­tern brushes that can be ap­plied to any stroke. The brushes can be found in each bor­der .ai file in the Brushes pan­el (WIN­DOW > BRUSHES).

To im­port a bor­der as a pat­tern brush:

  1. Open your working file.
  2. Go to the Brushes panel (WINDOW > BRUSHES).
  3. Go to the Brushes panel menu (Figure 1.1): Open Brush library > Other Library (Figure 1.2).
  4. Browse the Illustrator file containing the desired brush and click “Open”.
  5. A brush library opens: click on the desired brush to import it. (Figure 1.3)

The se­lec­ted brush (Fig­ure 1.3) will be ad­ded to the Brushes pan­el of your work­ing file (Fig­ure 1.4). The brush col­or swatches will be ad­ded to the Swatches pan­el (WIN­DOW > SWATCHES).

The newly ad­ded pat­tern brush is now ready to be ap­plied in your design.

Note: To re­vert the stroke back to a stand­ard line, se­lect it and click on the "Ba­sic" brush on top of the brush list in the Brushes pan­el (WIN­DOW > BRUSHES).

Importing a Brush
Figure 1


Now that you got the pat­tern brush in­to your work­ing file, you may pro­ceed to as­sign it as a stroke to any curve, line or shape:

  1. Choose the Select tool or the Direct selection tool. (Figure 2.1)
  2. Select the object you need to asign the brush to by clicking on it while Select tool is active. The object’s active points will get visible after selection. (Figure 2.2)
  3. Make sure you work in STROKE mode (lower right box active). You can toggle between FILL and STROKE mode by hitting the “X” key. (Figure 2.3)
  4. While your object is selected click on the desired brush in your Brushes palette. (Figure 2.4)

The se­lec­ted brush is now ap­plied as a stroke to the ob­ject. (Fig­ure 2.5)

Note: Some­times parts of the bor­der may look dis­tor­ted after ap­plic­a­tion. To fix that, you can edit the scale of the ap­plied brush by re­du­cing the stroke weight from the Stroke pan­el (WIN­DOW > STROKE).

Applying a Brush
Figure 2
Please note that the Illustrator files in our collections are compatible with the CC and CS6 versions of Adobe Illustrator and will not work with previous ones.
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