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Highlights: Krita Painting App

by Kate Walker
June 27th, 2016  |  Software

As 2D graph­ics de­velopers and de­sign­ers we are on a quest to ex­plore the in­nov­a­tions and great ideas be­hind the soft­ware gems we in­spire from.

If you are in­to draw­ing and sketch­ing, you've prob­ably stumbled upon Krita – an open source free app for di­git­al paint­ers, il­lus­trat­ors and concept artists.

Krita has a steady set of core fea­tures plus a vari­ety of help­ful tools and we would like to high­light some of them for you in short videos.

1. Mirror Mode

Small but mind-catch­ing: a funny tool for easy cre­ation of sym­met­ric­al ob­jects and geo­met­ric­al pat­terns. You could quickly get hooked on it.

2. Automatic Brush Orientation

Brush ori­ent­a­tion fol­lows your mouse or tab­let pen move­ment for a more nat­ur­al look.

3. Pen Movement Smoothing

Calms down your shaky mouse or tab­let pen to draw stead­i­er, smoothed lines.

4. Drawing Assistants

Im­press­ive help for draw­ing geo­met­ric­al fig­ures and sketch­ing in per­spect­ive.

This fea­ture lets you set par­al­lel points, van­ish­ing points, per­spect­ive grids and oth­er types of as­sist­ants. And it comes with dif­fer­ent snap op­tions.

5. Transform Mask

Ap­ply tweaks to ob­jects us­ing masks that you can switch on and off for a quick re­turn to the ob­ject's ori­gin­al state. All ob­ject modi­fic­a­tions are re­flec­ted in­to the mask.

6. Clone Layer

Want to sim­ul­tan­eously ap­ply all the changes and trans­form masks in a lay­er to its mul­tiple cop­ies? Clone it.

7. Favourite Tools on Right Click

A handy op­tion for quick­er draw­ing pro­cess. Brings up col­or se­lect­or, his­tory palette and brush palette.

8. Color History

Col­or val­ues his­tory for a quick call-back of an already used value.

9. Color Wheel Format

Not just one, ac­tu­ally – sev­er­al col­or wheel formats to choose from for faster col­or se­lec­tion.

Be­sides these you will get some really ad­vanced brush set­tings (one of Krita's most power­ful fea­tures), ad­vanced lay­er op­tions and mask­ing, tab­let ro­ta­tion for the left-handed and oth­er tools.

Krita is avail­able for Win­dows, Mac OS X and Linux and you may down­load it freely from their of­fi­cial web­site: ht­tps://krita.org/.

Im­age cour­tesy: Ra­mon Mir­anda

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