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Compound Floral Pattern – Part 1 (Download)

by Kate Walker
October 9th, 2017  |  Design

Flor­al mo­tifs are abund­antly present in cul­tures all over the world and China makes no ex­cep­tion. Flowers in Chinese art are either used as a cent­ral piece, or in­cor­por­ated in geo­met­ric designs where they be­come more ab­stract, serving the needs of the com­pos­i­tion.

This week we present you a com­plex flor­al tra­di­tion­al Chinese pat­tern. One main ele­ment here is the lo­tus – the flower that rises clean and pure from the mud. In Buddhism it is as­so­ci­ated with pur­ity, faith­ful­ness, and spir­itu­al awaken­ing.

One word for “lo­tus” in Chinese is a ho­mo­phone for the word for “har­mony”, and an­oth­er – for “suc­cess”. In Chinese art this del­ic­ate bloom is also as­so­ci­ated with fe­male beauty and in­no­cence.

The parts of the fol­low­ing design are provided sep­ar­ately to make ho­ri­zont­al stack­ing pos­sible, and can be used sep­ar­ately or as one uni­fied mo­tif.

The ori­gin­al po­s­i­tion­ing is shown be­low. Down­load its parts for free and modi­fy col­or ac­cord­ing to your needs.

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Free vector graphics
Free vector graphics
Free vector graphics
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