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Highlights: Affinity Designer for Windows

by Kate Walker
July 6th, 2016  |  Software

Last week came some big news for the web and graph­ic de­sign­ers com­munity – the long awaited Beta re­lease of Af­fin­ity De­sign­er for Win­dows is fi­nally here, cur­rently for free.

Af­fin­ity De­sign­er is con­sidered one of Adobe Il­lus­trat­or's most ser­i­ous rivals. Its suc­cess­ful com­bin­a­tion of vec­tor and ras­ter tools, along with a reas­on­able pri­cing, made it a prefer­able choice – though only for Mac users. Un­til now.

Be­low we've se­lec­ted some of Af­fin­ity De­sign­ers most in­triguing fea­tures:

1. Shapes

Cre­ation and a wide range of modi­fic­a­tions of about 20 vec­tor shape ob­jects.

2. Power Duplicate

Cre­ates mul­tiple cop­ies of an ob­ject along with the trans­form­a­tions as­signed to it.

3. Stroke Profile

Mod­i­fies the width along­side a vec­tor drawn line for styl­ing pur­poses (like when you are not us­ing a tab­let pen) or even for cre­at­ing ob­jects.

4. Transparency Tool

Ap­plies dif­fer­ent trans­par­ency modes to ob­jects and provides fur­ther ad­just­ments of the trans­par­ency in­tens­ity, dir­ec­tion and range.

5. Corner Tool

Rounds, fil­lets, con­caves or cuts out a corner of an ob­ject.

6. Global Colors

To change a col­or every­where it is used in a doc­u­ment by a single click.

7. Nondestructive Booleans

Al­lows boolean func­tions such as add, sub­stract, in­ter­sect or di­vide while pre­serving both ob­jects in­tact.

8. Color Palette From Document

Ex­tracts a cus­tom col­or palette us­ing all col­ors in a doc­u­ment.

A sig­ni­fic­ant newly de­veloped fea­ture in Af­fin­ity De­sign­er is the im­ple­ment­a­tion of the so called “con­straints” in mul­tiple art­boards that mim­ic the be­ha­vi­or of a re­spons­ive lay­out – really great news for all who do mockups.

An­oth­er in­ter­est­ing concept is that of “sym­bols” – turn a group of ob­jects in­to a sym­bol and then modi­fy all its oc­cur­rences in the doc­u­ment at once.

Af­fin­ity comes with three “per­so­nas” that func­tion as work­spaces: for pixel draw­ing, vec­tor draw­ing, and ex­port, al­low­ing for a more con­veni­ent work­flow with no need to manu­ally re­arrange tool­bars.

Worth men­tion­ing are also the cus­tom grid and snap­ping op­tions, split screen view­ing of two states, real-time pixel pre­view, as well as his­tory save so that it is still present at doc­u­ment re­open­ing.

You can sign up for a free down­load of the cur­rent Beta re­lease of Af­fin­ity De­sign­er for Win­dows on their of­fi­cial web­site: ht­tps://af­fin­ity.serif.com/.

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