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Rediscovering timeless designs in traditional art

What Makes For a Timeless Design?

With the rap­id pro­gress of tech­no­logy, con­cepts change in the blink of an eye. And art makes no ex­cep­tion.

In a world of vig­or­ous changes where today's "beau­ti­ful" is to­mor­row's "dated", we ex­plore styles that have pre­served their aes­thet­ic value through the ages.

Start­ing with an­cient China, Poly­draw provides pieces of au­then­t­ic Asi­an tra­di­tion­al art­work re­cre­ated as 2D vec­tor graph­ics. We hope you en­joy our col­lec­tion.

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